It is normal for pets to slow down as they get older. It can be useful for the older dogs and cats to have a check up every six months to make sure they are okay.

We are able to take blood samples for a Geriatric Profile which will help screen your pet for disease. The reception staff will be happy to make an appointment for a free check up with a qualified Nurse when you will be able to ask for advice about all your pets’ problems.

There comes a time, despite everyone’s best efforts, the quality of life of your pet becomes too poor for them to continue. The decision as to whether or not to put a loved one to sleep is always a difficult one even when the pet is very ill. It may be helpful to discuss this situation with a nurse or vet beforehand. Please tell the reception staff the reason for the appointment which will be made at a less busy time.

It is preferable that euthanasia is carried out at The Hospital but under some circumstances it may be possible at home. Cremation of the pet can be carried out in all cases and it is possible to arrange for a private cremation with return of ashes.

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