CATS, both male and female can be neutered from about 4 months of age. This will prevent unwanted pregnancy in the queen and generally stops the unpleasant habit of ‘spraying’ in the house by the tom. It also helps to stop fighting and wandering with a reduction in the risk of injury from a road traffic accident.

DOGS, can also be neutered. Spaying, as it is called in the bitch, is generally carried out after the first season, but can be done at 7 months of age before the first season and is of great benefit including the prevention of serious uterine disease later in life. It also will stop unwanted pregnancies and the nuisance of twice yearly seasons.

Castration, of the dog, although not always recommended as a routine can be carried out anytime after about 6 months.

RABBITS, can also be neutered. It helps to curb aggressive behaviour, reduce certain tumours and will prevent the female producing large numbers of babies if adults are kept together.

All neutered animals need to watch their weight! The nurse will give advise on feeding and will be happy to weigh your pet at suitable intervals.

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