The Veterinary Hospital
Price List
From September 2020


Standard Consultation Dog/Cat/Exotic £40
Follow-up Consultation Dog/Cat/Exotic £32
Consultation Rabbit £28
Consultation Small Pet £24

Vaccinations (Dog)

  • Primary Course (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis) £74
  • Booster £48
  • Kennel Cough £34

Vaccinations (Cat)

  • Primary Course (Flu and Enteritis) £64
  • Booster (Flu and Enteritis) £44
  • Primary Course (Flu, enteritis and FeLV) £80
  • Booster (Flu, enteritis and FeLV) £62

Vaccinations (Rabbit)

  • Nobivac MyxoRHDplus: £62
    (one dose per year, for previously unvaccinated rabbits, or those who received MyxoRHD1 AND a separate Filavac/Eravac RHD2 vaccine last year)

If previously the rabbit has only had the old MyxoRHD vaccine, then this year they need:

  • FilavacRHD2, then 2 weeks later the Nobivac Myxo/RHD Plus: Total18 £82.40
  • Subsequently they need single annual booster of Nobivac MyxoRHDplus only: £62

Other Services

  • Dog Nail Clip £15
  • Cat Nail Clip £15
  • Rabbit/Small Pet Nail Clip £10

Written Prescription Charges

These can usually be written for up to three months supply of medication if deemed appropriate by the prescribing vet (except controlled drugs – maximum one month supply)

  • 1st medication £14
  • Subsequent medication (each) £10