With the prospect of lighter nights, warmer days and lockdown restrictions lifting who can blame us for making plans for a camping weekend or a summer UK break.

Naturally we like to take our family companion and best friend with us, so we thought we would share some useful information to consider and what to include in that all important pet first aid kit.

Tips to consider before travelling:

  • Make sure vaccinations and preventative healthcare such as flea & worming treatment are up to date
  • Make sure your pet’s microchip is also up to date and your dog is wearing an ID tag.
  • Research vets in the area you intend to travel too in case you should need any veterinary assistance.
  • Make sure you have sufficient medication that your dog may be on
  • Have a copy of your insurance policy with you
  • Gather the necessary equipment to safely restrain your pets when travelling
  • Keep a fresh water supply handy
Travelling Tips - Cute Dog

Pet first aid kit: Essential emergency items to include

An animal first aid kit should contain veterinary essentials that can help treat common accidents or aid in unexpected emergencies.

  • Bandage Material
  • Blunt – ended scissors/tweezers
  • Cotton Wool
  • Self-adhesive tape
  • Sterile Wound Wash
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Tick Remover
  • Foil Blanket
  • Antiseptic wash/wipes
  • Spare lead
  • Blanket/TowelIce/heat pack

First aid do’ and don’ts


  • Call your vet straight away
  • Be prepared, keep your vets name and address to hand
  • Keep a pet first aid kit at home and when travelling


  • Don’t Panic.
  • Don’t try to deal with serious injuries yourself
  • Don’t give your pet anything to eat or drink unless your vet tells you to do so

Please remember your own safety when dealing with an emergency. Animals can become panicked and bite when stressed or in pain.

The useful diagram below explains how to apply a makeshift muzz

First Aid Kit
In case of emergency

Cats and other small furries

Let’s not forget that it is often stressful leaving your other pets behind when holidaying. In the event of needing someone to care for them please ensure that they are experienced, are aware of which practice your pets are registered at and who to contact should they have any concerns.
Sufficient medication and plenty of regular food should be left for the carer to give.

We are selling a first aid kit for £15 which can be purchased at our reception window should anyone like to buy one.
They include bandage materials, Wound wash, Antiseptic Wash and a tick removal tool.